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The only Christmas indulgence you need this year | Holiday Hoodie

Every holiday season, Samyukta Nair’s concept store Clove throws open its doors with ‘The Holiday Shop’, an annual Christmas gathering around a table full of goodies that recreates that cozy Christmas vibe she grew up with.

This year, together with Ashish Gupta, Clove presents the warmest addition to your Christmas goodies- “The Holiday Hoodie” a sassy, sequin embellished hoodie for that Holiday season sparkle. Playing the muse to this collection is the beautiful Rhea Kapoor, one of Samyukta’s closest friends and the one who loves Christmas just as she does. 

Growing up between New York, London, and India, for Samyukta the holidays were a time of sparkling lights on a Christmas tree, bundling up in layers for cold weather, roasted marshmallows and every tune- a Christmas carol. In India, this Bublé to Baubles season brings together stray holiday knickknacks including trinkets, pajamas, baubles, and even good ol’ gingerbread! This year though has the warmest addition of them all, a limited 12 piece collection of “The Holiday Hoodie” across 3 styles designed by Ashish Gupta from London. 

“The spirit of Christmas was so important to me growing up and now I get to celebrate it with Clove. In this collaboration with Ashish, we wanted to have a fun approach to the holidays, so we created these distinctive hoodies that use British tongue in cheek humour and our Indian love for sequins and sparkle, essentially everything we love about both places we call home.”says Samyukta Nair.

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‘The Holiday Hoodie’ brings together Ashish Gupta’s quest to have glitter and sequins in every wardrobe, with Clove’s mission of celebrating everyday luxury, in the form of not-so-basic hoodies that brings the fun and soul back to Christmas Season. Sequin embellishments catch the light and speak for their wearers, “Champagne, Diamonds & Me”, “I’d rather be at home” and “Everyone is annoying”. These are hoodies for that Home Alone marathon as much as it is for a good old Christmas party. 

In speaking about the collection, Ashish says “The holiday season is a time for reflection and a moment to reset before the year ahead. It’s usually the last chance I get to take a break before heading to India to prepare my collection for next season. But the holidays can be quite stressful, and so I wanted to take a tongue-in-cheek, humorous look at feeling anti-social.”

This limited edition has a truly special detail, a sequined rainbow signature. The Holiday Hoodie by Ashish for Clove is priced at Rs. 15,000 and available exclusively at Clove.

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