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The Types of Jeans Everyone Should Know About 

From the time we’ve understood even a little about fashion jeans has always been a staple and right on top of the list. The most comfortable pair of clothing that could go from day to night. Now we have so many options and variation in jeans that we have listed down a few for you that you must definitely have in your wardrobe. Jeans can elevate your look if worn correctly. With variation in jeans, you can sport a clubbing look to biker chic to street style. The trick is to pick the right jeans and team it well.

Let’s start – 

Skinny Jeans

While many of us think that skinny jeans are not for all body types but in reality it’s just the opposite. It makes you look toned, slim and super fit. Skinny jeans are like a secret to getting a great body in no time. We all have some problem area so the key is to just find the right fit and size or make necessary alterations to get it right.  For example, too long jeans shorten legs and make you look bulky around the ankles. A higher waist does justice to almost any body type, plus it’s a big fashion comeback.


Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans made a huge come back and we are loving it. We know that there are always two camps one for skinny jeans and one for these but we suggest you try these and at least get yourself one of these. We promise you won’t regret as they can just become your next favourite. You can get yourself a pair that can give you a variation in the hemline. It can be worn as is and also be rolled up to give you a crop style jean. Straight leg jeans give an elevated look.


Boot Cut Jeans

This year skinny jeans are taking a step back. Boot cut jeans can be styled differently and also suits all body type. If you’re on the skinnier side then it just takes away the attention from the skinny legs but adds length, making you look taller. They highlight the thighs and draws attention to the better parts of your legs. For those who are on the heavier side and think that the flare will just add volume, believe us and invest in one of these. They will definitely look great and by adding a belt around your waist will make you look sleeker.


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting ripped jeans that are comfortable, casual and cool. They are effortless and gives an easy vibe. The key to wear boyfriend jeans is to keep it simple and effortless.  Boyfriend jeans look absolutely great with a basic white or blue crisp shirt, with a basic T-shirt, a loose blouse, or a crop top.


Distressed Jeans

Distress jeans have become a staple now. Knee cut jeans still look fab with no matter what. From some office looks to casual outfits a pair of black jeans paired with a simple back top is still the key to style perfection. Distressed jeans come in a variety of fits from straight cut to skinny to boyfriend fit. If you’re not too confident about this then we suggest you pick the basic knee cut jeans but if you want to flaunt it like a blogger/celebrity then go all out. Our favourite picks are below.


Mom Jeans

You may have noticed that the Mom Jeans or the vintage fit denim trend has been gaining popularity now. We have seen so many fashion bloggers and celebrities opting for it. We remember Rachel from FRIENDS wearing it all the time and we are a huge fan of her style and are happy that mom jeans are back. This being a bit baggy you can team it up with a tucked in shirt or a crop top. To make it look edgy or formal add a jacket that suits your personality the best and you’re ready. 


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